My long relationship with Northside Distillers has finally paid off. I have my own brand of agave spirit!

The story

Three Agaves Pure Karoo agave spirit is finally here. Only available at Our Yard in Graaff Reinet.

Three Agaves Silver. Pure Karoo Agave Spirit.

Iconic Graaff Reinet mountain “Spandauskop” keeps an eye on Denzil Hector as he unloads giant Agave americana. Another load of spirit on it’s way to becoming Three Agaves Pure Karoo Agave Spirit
Late afternoon – the pile is growing! We need 12 tons to fill the shipment for another batch of Three Agaves Pure Karoo Agave Spirit.
If the mature agave plant does not make it to the spirit factory it flowers and dies! Liza and I pickle the flower buds.
Tom Murray harvesting an interesting agave from the garden collection.

Contact us

You can now buy Three Agaves Silver on this website by clicking on this link or the ‘Buy’ button at the top of the page!!!

Three Agaves Pure Agave Spirit is only sold in Graaff-Reinet at Our Yard.

Alternatively, to get in contact with Tim, the owner of Three Agaves, please email tim@karooheart.co.za or call 0826323103